Overnight Optical Express Delivery

Are your deadlines short and your customers increasingly demanding? Ciblex has been the partner of the optical world for over 45 years. To meet your requirements for speed, quality and profitability, we have developed a unique European network of express night and morning deliveries to opticians.

In France, Ciblex delivers every night or during the morning to any opticians!

Key sector figures

45 years of experience
28 million parcels delivered per year to opticians
100% 100% of opticians delivered every day in France


It is in collaboration with optical professionals and manufacturers of glasses, lenses and frames that we have developed a specialised European network and an offer adapted to the requirements of speed, quality and profitability in the world of optical equipment.

Our tailor-made services

H Night Service: overnight delivery of your glasses and contact lenses to secure areas or storage areas. As soon as they arrive at their work site, opticians thus have their glasses, lenses and frames ready for assembly

H12 Service: daytime delivery before noon of your frames, with signed proof of delivery. For your high-value products, with the “Safe and Secure” Service C Sûr we offer special handling for your sensitive products

H Export : “H Export” Service: express delivery in Europe and worldwide as quickly as possible

Real-time monitoring and proactive services throughout the service

The tracking of your shipments is available in real time in your dedicated Ciblex Client Portal. For an even more precise follow-up, our proactive tracking informs you in real time, at each stage of the transport process


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Ciblex partenaire des opticiens Atol

ATOL – Optical experts

“The field of optics involves the notion of service for visual health. Our shops must respond quickly to customer prescriptions and needs. The Ciblex late pick-up service allows us to take orders up to 8pm while guaranteeing delivery on D+1 night or before 12pm, 6 days a week. I recommend CIBLEX to those who want to work with their carrier as a major partner in their business who adapts to our needs and accompanies our developments”.

Sylvain CONRY
ATOL the opticians
CGN et Ciblex

CGN – 2-wheeler specialist

CGN, a specialist in spare parts and accessories for motorbikes and bicycles, has chosen Ciblex for express next day delivery before 12 noon for 2-wheel professionals. Its customers no longer stock up and want fast next-day delivery from the moment they open. With Ciblex H12, its delivery quality rate has increased and the complaint rate has decreased thanks to the Ciblex feedback system.

Catherine CHALLET
Vygon Dispositif médicaux

VYGON – Medical devises

VYGON is a manufacturer of single-use sterile medical devices. Vygon has chosen the Ciblex H12 service for delivery before noon, which meets its requirements for fast and reliable delivery times. With Ciblex H12, VYGON ensures a quality service for next day delivery before noon to hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and all healthcare professionals.

Matthieu HUGLO
Logistics Director Health

JCB – Industrial manufacturer

JCB, a manufacturer of equipment and spare parts for agricultural and construction machinery, chose Ciblex for the express delivery of its mechanics. JCB was looking for a fast and flexible delivery solution. With Ciblex SP8, its spare parts are available in SAS before 8am. The mechanics can collect them before leaving on their rounds.


MOVIANTO – Health logistician

“Hospitals and private clinics are difficult to deliver to. For Movianto, Ciblex’s knowledge of the healthcare sector has enabled us to increase our quality of service significantly. Ciblex’s proactive information services, track and trace and Promail, allow us to respond quickly to laboratories.”