International parcel management

International shipping is easy with Ciblex H Export

Boost your exports with Ciblex. We support you in Europe and internationally. We provide express international delivery of your goods, parcels and letters, beyond borders. Discover our H Export Express and H Export Economy offers! For example, we ship in 24 hours to the Benelux region, and in 48 hours to Germany and Spain.

How to send a package internationally?

Sending a package within the European Union 

There is no particular formality for the European Union. The Commercial or Pro Forma invoice is not mandatory. However, the following exceptions exist: the Canary Islands and Andorra do require an invoice. Also note, for the Overseas Departments and Territories and local authorities, the Commercial or Proforma invoice is mandatory.

European Union countries

Sending a parcel outside the European Union 

For goods intended for sale, each package must be accompanied by a commercial invoice.

The commercial invoice must meet certain requirements:

  • It must be written on headed paper with your full address and your commercial registration number (Siret)
  • It must contain a precise description of the goods, their origin, their destination and their value (excluding tax) and indicating the monetary unit used
  • It must be written in English and French, and sometimes in the national language in non-French-speaking countries
  • A commercial invoice at “0 euros” should not be established. Your shipment could be held in customs for an estimate of the value to be taxed
  • The commercial invoice must be issued in 5 copies

For a shipment outside the European Union without commercial value (e.g., a sample or the return of material for repair or destruction etc.), then your parcel must be accompanied by a Proforma invoice signed, stamped and issued in 5 copies. Even if this merchandise has no commercial value, it is subject to a customs declaration in the country of destination. The value to be indicated corresponds to the manufacturing cost of the goods.

Download our Proforma invoice template [ PDF ] [ Word ]

How do I prepare my first international shipment?

Each country has its own import regulations. Before ordering the transport of your international shipment, obtain information from the representative authorities of the country for which your goods are destined. 

Does my recipient have to pay the customs duties?

Yes, it is up to the recipient to pay the customs duties, depending on the country of destination of your shipment and its contents. See product nomenclature on the customs website.

For French overseas territories, the recipient pays the duties and taxes (VAT + dock dues + additional charges on dock dues).

What are Incoterms?

Incoterms, or “International Commercial Terms”, determine the reciprocal obligations of the seller and the buyer within the framework of an international purchase-sale contract. They must appear on the commercial invoice. 

The Incoterm used by Ciblex and specific to express transport is DAP (“Delivered at place”). Consequently, with DAP, it is the sender who bears the costs inherent to the delivery of the goods (excluding tax duties and other charges payable on importation, charged to the recipient). 

Are my international shipments insured?

A standard transport contract includes insurance in the case of incident in the course of delivery. The reimbursement is dependent on the weight of the parcel. To insure the actual value of your merchandise,, Ciblex offers a range of Ad Valorem insurance policies. Ad Valorem insurance covers all your shipments, both in France and internationally.

How do I track my international package?

Tracking your packages is easy both internationally and domestically with Ciblex