Fast tracking of your parcels

At Ciblex, we attach great importance to tracking your parcels, whether in France or abroad. Each shipment is accompanied by precise real-time tracking that allows the parcel to be located at each stage of transport

Visibility and transparency

We believe that the visibility and transparency of tracking information is essential in order to create a relationship of trust with our customers.

Quick tracking of a parcel in real time: For quick tracking of a parcel, enter its barcode in the space below. This will enable you to receive all the information available in real time concerning the tracking and locating of the parcel. This service is free.

Your personal Customer Portal: Are you already a Ciblex customer? From your account number, access your secure personal space from This free service allows you to track your deliveries and operations from your own reference or the barcode on the parcel, and to manage your shipments: ordering, tracking your occasional collections, rescheduling your shipments in the event of unforeseen events during delivery, and still following Ciblex, network and general news. Useful documents to facilitate your shipments are also available.

Tracking a parcel in real time


Track A parcel

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Proactive tracking of your deliveries and shipments

For even more precise follow-up, our proactive tracking system informs you in real time and at each stage of the shipment process of any anomalies or problems encountered. You can then anticipate and interact with your customers. A satisfied customer is an informed customer.

Proactive tracking of your deliveries and shipments

Direct anomaly collection Pro-MailDirect anomaly delivery/intervention
–  Information about off-site collection contingencies– Rescheduling, in a few clicks, notified off-site collections – General information about possible network disturbances – The identification of your parcels left behind at the collection point in the morning – A comparative checklist of your parcels tracked in our network and your own IDE transmissions– Information by e-mail about incidents affecting deliveries/operations: incorrect addresses, notifications of problems, employees on leave, etc. – In 1 click, validate your instructions for re-delivery or corrective action – Your new information will be instantly processed for re-delivery according to your instructions

Our personalised customer portal receives positive feedback
from 91% of our customers

Satisfaction survey November 2021