Insure your parcels

Do you need to send a parcel in total confidence and security? To simply and effectively insure your goods, Ciblex offers a range of insurance adapted to the nature of the products transported. The two most common options for insuring a package are standard insurance and ad valorem insurance. With these two options, you can systematically or occasionally insure your transported products.

Ask your Ciblex sales advisor to find the best solution for your needs.

What is standard parcel insurance?

Your goods undergo various handling throughout the transport process (collection, sorting, loading, etc.). Although Ciblex drivers will always take the utmost care with your parcels, the nature of the business requires the movement of goods.

Consequently, they may be subject to physical impacts inherent in our express transport activity. In the event of an incident and if the carrier’s liability is proven, you will receive compensation provided for by the legislation in force. However, this compensation is fixed and subject to the weight of the goods transported. Consult our General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

What is ad valorem parcel insurance?

With standard delivery insurance, compensation is in relation to the weight of the package: simple! However, if you have a high-value package and there is an incident, your compensation for loss or damage to the item being transported may be less than its actual value. In this case, insuring your package with ad valorem insurance may be a good idea.

Ad valorem insurance is an optional additional insurance which insures your goods according to the declared value rather than their weight. Ad valorem insurance covers goods transported without interruption from departure to final delivery.

Simply discuss your specific needs and the value of your package with your Ciblex sales advisor, and we’ll find the solution that works best for you.

Why take out ad valorem insurance?

The main advantage of ad valorem insurance for the ordering customer is the insurance premium, which depends on the declared value and not on the weight. In the event of an incident, compensation is made on the basis of the purchase price or cost price of the goods, excluding tax and with a deduction for obsolescence.

Another reason you might consider taking ad valorem insurance with your delivery: you don’t need to prove the carrier’s liability in the event of a claim. You are compensated as soon as there is an incident or loss of your goods.

Talk to a Ciblex sales advisor for more information. Together, you will determine the insurance solution best suited to the transport of your goods.

In all cases, whether there is a lack of delivery, loss or damage, you have a predefined time to inform Ciblex of this situation. Please read our General Terms and Conditions of Sale to find out more.

How is ad valorem insurance calculated?

This calculation will depend on the declared value that you define with your Ciblex advisor. The amount of the insurance premium is calculated according to our fees. The compensation limit is €15,000 per parcel.