Ciblex equips its branches with telescopic conveyors

Ciblex Nice telescopic conveyors
The Caljan telescopic conveyor in test at Ciblex Nice

Ciblex equips its branches with telescopic conveyors. The aim is to optimise the processing time for bulk goods. This new tool, installed at our new Nice site, is proving its worth and will be gradually rolled out to all Ciblex branches in France.

The telescopic conveyor optimises and speeds up the process of loading and unloading bulk goods. As a company specialising in late collections and express deliveries during the night and early in the morning, this new tool will be a valuable time saver for our main collection routes and last-mile deliveries. The working environment for drivers and sorting operators will also be improved.

Processing bulk goods allows Ciblex to reduce its waste production and help preserve the environment by reducing the number of pallets and the amount of plastic film used.