Ciblex expands its “Cdispo” network to deliver the right part “where it’s needed, when it’s needed”.

Paris, 11 April 2024 – Ciblex, the BtoB express delivery specialist, is expanding “Cdispo”, a local delivery network for travelling professionals. Whether they are travelling maintenance technicians, medical sales representatives, sales reps or tradesmen, these professionals can have the parts they need delivered the next day before 8am, close to the place where they are working or to their home. This Cdispo service, provided by Ciblex, enables them to provide optimum just-in-time service without stock management: always the right part in the right place at the right time!


Thanks to its new alliance with its sister company Relais Colis, which has selected its best partners for the occasion in strategic geographical locations accessible from 7am, the Cdispo service is tripling its current network by offering 300 relays covering the whole of France. The partnership also offers Ciblex customers unprecedented scope for upgradability and customisation, thanks to the huge pool of Relais Colis partners and their 9,000 local outlets throughout the country. Ciblex will also benefit from Relais Colis’ traceability tools and its SMART innovation, enabling label-free returns simply by presenting a QR code.

“With this new Cdispo offering, we are expanding our range of delivery solutions for professionals to meet their needs in all sectors. The merger between Relais Colis and Ciblex, since the acquisition by Walden, enables us to assert our specific B2B express expertise by offering a more qualitative, scalable and extensive network, as well as technological innovations,” explains Christophe Cornilleau, CEO of Ciblex.

Ciblex, a major player in meeting the challenges of BtoB delivery

Ciblex specialises in delivery to professionals and is renowned for its efficiency, responsiveness and reliability. Now active in a range of sectors including automotive, industry, high-tech and retail, the company is strengthening its offering for mobile professionals.

For all mobile professionals, “Cdispo” offers express solutions for each market and each recipient, to meet the daily constraints of professionals. For parcels weighing between 0 and 30 kg, these professionals can now rely on :

  • on a local solution enabling them to increase their productivity
  • a flexible service to reduce their after-sales service response times
  • one more gesture for the environment: by optimising travel, the carbon footprint of professionals will be optimised

0 stock, 0 wasted time, “Cdispo pro” offers :

Proximity: just 2 steps from the office, home or work site. Speed: parcels are available early in the morning, from 8am. Priority: professionals are given priority for parcel delivery. Simplicity: “Return” parcels are picked up on the same day they are dropped off. Return within D+1 Freedom: a wide range of opening hours for collecting or dropping off parcels. Peace of mind: the drop-off sites offer easy parking. Security: an identity check is carried out when the parcel is picked up, and a receipt is obtained.

“Cdispo”: a new offering reflecting the complementary nature of Ciblex and Relais Colis For the past 2 years, the Walden Group’s international express division, comprising Ciblex and Relais Colis, has been offering a real alternative with a new, optimised BtoBtoC offering. The new “Cdispo” solution is the result of the complementary nature of these two players and makes it possible to :

  • A professional network of 300 relays throughout France: parcels can be delivered Monday to Friday, but there is also the option of Saturday morning delivery, which extends accessibility for professionals. Business customers can also take advantage of an express after-sales service anywhere in France, with 100% of French departments covered by H8! And the network is set to expand over the coming months.
  • Offer professionals the “smart option”, devised and deployed by Relais colis, which eliminates the need to print out the transport note. The QR code, which acts as a barcode, is transmitted directly to the smartphone and all that is required is to present it. “Cdispo pro” also provides all the technological know-how for geolocation and real-time traceability, enabling customers to track parcels, whether for confirmation of pick-up, parcel delivery or POD (proof of delivery).
  • About Ciblex CIBLEX, with 45 years’ experience, is an expert in BtoB express delivery in France and abroad. Ciblex is positioned in the express delivery segment for parcels weighing between 0 and 30kg with very short lead times: D+1 overnight, before 8am, 9am or 12pm. Ciblex offers value-added services for business sectors requiring specific expertise such as Health, Optics, High Tech, Automotive and Industrial Spare Parts: standard exchange, reverse logistics, express delivery to local sites or any other site referenced by Ciblex.