Walden Group

70 years of expertise in logistics and transport

The history of the Walden Group began in Auvergne (central France) in 1951, with the creation of the Centre Spécialités Pharmaceutiques (CSP) by Marcel Baudry. His goal was to facilitate the distribution of medicines in the region.

Seventy years later, following the creation and acquisition of numerous additional activities, the Walden Group was created. The Group has become the European leader in the distribution of health products. Operating in 13 countries, the Group has a total turnover of more than €2.6 billion and can count on the expertise of its workforce of more than 7,000 employees.

Today’s Walden Group is made up of five different companies specialising in logistics and transport.

Walden Group history
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Two areas of expertise

The Walden Group has built its success around two areas of expertise:

  • Firstly, the distribution of pharmaceutical and healthcare products, which is its historic business. What sets the group apart is its ability to offer an all-in-one logistics solution from manufacturer to patient.
  • This function has since been supplemented by the development of an express transport service aimed at professionals in all sectors of activity. Walden and Ciblex

Walden and Ciblex

It was the takeover of Ciblex by the Group in 2014 that gave birth to Walden’s Express Division. The initial aim was to offer an express transport service to its customers. Later, Ciblex’s B2B positioning won over many professionals from a wide range of business lines including the automotive industry, high-tech and the optical sector.

Walden: a family story

Founded by Marcel Baudry in 1951, the company is now managed by the third generation of the family. At its head is Stéphane Baudry, the grandson of the founder, who has brought about the transformation of the Group in recent years by diversifying first and foremost within France. At the present time, the internationalisation of the group has accelerated and the fourth generation of the Baudry family is preparing to take over.

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